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Paying only for effective and validated meetings

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Business meetings for B2B Companies

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Outsource your commercial prospecting with experts and focus your sales force on closing deals. Save time and costs by leaving the day to day of calls, emails and also LinkedIn management to your specialist partner.

About Our Company



We analyze your business from the commercial perspective and also diagnose digital improvements.


We study the industry and our clients to know in detail the competitive advantages or value added of the service.


We coordinate quality meetings, by evaluating them and also to meet our client’s expectations.


We build our own databases, profiling by category, company and required position.


We deliver qualitative information before each meeting.


We confirm each of the meetings in advance.


We develop a commercial script with the service offer and objections.


We offer a permanent, personalized and close attention.


We only manage personalized calls and emails.


We call in order to validate the needs or special interests of each prospect.



We evaluate the quality criteria of each meeting with our clients through satisfaction surveys


Online management monitoring. (Sales funnel)

Important data

Clients in Chile

Effective and validated meetings

Years of experience


+ Business closing rate

Up to 10% increase in sales in the 1st year

 Savings of up to 2 million in the first 3 months

 Gross Margin Return on Investment in meetings up to 12 times the 1st year

They trust in us

We have found a very effective complement to our commercial area through MejoReferido, being able to reach key prospects in our industry and thus generating new business possibilities.

We have been working with them for more than 2 years ago and we are very satisfied with the results achieved, highlighting the team of professionals and their work methodology that constantly seeks to adapt to our needs.

Sebastien Bastiere

Partner and Commercial Manager, Inbuilding 2 years of work

After testing in parallel with other providers with similar services, we finally decided on MejoReferido Service rather than any other.

They have been supporting us with their team for months in prospecting for quality business meetings. Besides its professionalism and results orientation. It´s great to pay only when the meeting is effective and also validated by us. That makes them the ideal partner. We have always recommended their services when others ask for references.

Francisco Cabrera

Partner and General Manager, , Green Control. 6 work months


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